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Welcome to Stepping Up Recovery

Step out of the darkness and into the light.

Our primary mission is to educate our clients on the disease concept so they fully understand that alcohol and drugs are just symptoms of a much bigger problem. That unmanageability will always manifest and will permeate every aspect of their lives until they face the truth. It is our belief that recovery for the individual needs to be grounded in routing out the core issues. We believe that rather than placing a band aid on by just dealing with the symptoms, our treatment will address the individual’s trauma, shortcomings, character defects, and distorted perceptions. Clients will have the ability to see the world and their dilemma on an even playing field with clarity. Planted firmly in reality of this truth, they can now take root and grow.


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Addiction to alcohol and other chemicals has become the epidemic of our time. With years of experience in helping other recovering individuals, our staff here at Stepping Up Recovery can make a difference. Through treating each client like they are our only priority we can start the recovery process at its source and then filter that rehabilitation out to the world. At our Facility, we can make a difference and we aim to prove it.

We accept most insurance providers.

Our Philosophy

We here at, “Stepping Up Recovery”, believe addiction to be a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Since addiction affects these areas, we must endeavor to treat the whole illness. Weekly classes on cognitive distortions, the nature of addiction in the human condition, life skills and more, help to educate and reintegrate the addict, through understanding the nature of their pain clients can obtain the ability to heal and recover.

Group Activities

By incorporating group activities such as social gatherings and team sports, clients relearn the joy and pride that comes from being a part of something positive. One on one and group counseling, with licensed and experienced therapists, throughout the treatment process; will expose and treat the core issues that lead to psychosocial impairment. Continued interaction, on a daily basis, with other long term recovering addicts and alcoholics to learn from, our clients receive inspiration to live, set and reach goals and have a new appreciation for life.

Are you or someone you care about struggling with addiction?